Posted on: October 26, 2012 1:05 pm

MUST READ Advertising Abuse By CBS Fantasy sports

I have a beef with cbs sports Fantasy football Commissioner league. Let me say first that I love CBS fantasy football. I have been the commissioner of a 12 man fantasy football league here on CBS for the last 6 years which I pay $150 a year for their service. But this year the league is completely overloaded with ads from head to toe of the home page. I understand CBS is a corporate business and they are alway looking to create revenue and make sure their bottom line is healthy, but should their paying customers have to suffer from their complete greediness? I pay $150 a year for a fantasy home page that looks like progressive insurance sponsored my fantasy league. There is an ad at the top of the page, there are ads on both sides of the page and an ad in the middle of the home page. Thats 4 ads completely covering the whole site it is ridiculous! What is stopping me from going to Yahoo which is FREE and has less ads than cbs by far and did I say Its free. Cbs you have to ask yourself is alienating your paying customers by shoving randoms ads down our throats worth it. For me its not and I'm really considering moving to Yahoo which has ads but not to the extreme like this site.
My solution is to have 2 ads on a homepage thats it or none at all especially in a commissioner league which you can customize everything but you can't customize the annoying ads. I've had it CBS and I hope you come to your senses but im sure its hard to do you when can't see over the stacks of money.
Posted on: October 26, 2012 1:02 pm
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